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Autumn Breaks in Cornwall – 5 Reasons to visit Cornwall in the Autumn

Cornwall is a beautiful destination to visit all year round, not just in the summer, but also visit Cornwall in the Autumn months too! During Autumn, Cornwall really does a lot to offer from festivals and some of the best surf in the country, to beautiful walks and beaches, making it a great time to visit!

Here are Colrogers top 5 reasons to visit Cornwall in the Autumn 

1. Less tourists

Although the Lizard Peninsular never seems to get his by the hordes of tourists the rest of Cornwall receives in the summer months, in the Autumn it is still noticeably quieter, the roads are clearer and quite often you may end up getting the whole beach to yourself! Also – just because summer is over doesn’t mean all our attractions shut down, they are still very much open and perhaps even more spectacular in the autumn than they were in the spring!

2. Sunny days & cozy nights

Just because summer is over doesn’t mean the rain suddenly starts! Our weather down here is still pretty good although September to October and even into the beginning of November too. With the rainfall average lower during this time than between May and August, you can be sure to enjoy sunny clear skies.

However, as the days become shorter and the sun goes down earlier, the autumn evenings come with a little chill in the air, making it the perfect time for those of you who love the outdoors but also like to feel cozy!

Enjoy your days outside walking our landscape and exploring hidden coves, then settle in for the evening, thrown on a nice cozy jumper and head down to a local pub or cuddle up on the sofa in your holiday cottage with a yummy hot chocolate!

3. Great for walking

Cornwall is a walkers dream with endless coastline, in land estuaries and beautiful valleys to explore and what better time to do so than during the Autumn months. The summer heat has gone, but the weather is great to be outside all day! Plus, don’t forget, you get the added bonus of tranquility as the crowds have gone too!

4. Dog friendly beaches

Summer brings restrictions to our beaches, meaning that quite often dogs are banned from them unfortunately to make space for families to enjoy. However, in Autumn we see these restrictions lift and our beaches are dog friendly again, allowing the entire family to enjoy a Cornish holiday. So come down and visit, let you hound enjoy endless sandy stretches and swimming in the sea with out a care in the world!

5. Awesome surf

Autumn is probably the best time of year for surfing whether you are a beginner or an advanced surfer. The water is warm still from being heated up during the summer, due to the hurricane season now in full swing on the other side of the Atlantic our Cornish shores receive some awesome swells making but the waves bigger and better!

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